Gemalto Consulting offer

Mobile operators, banks, transportation companies, service providers, enterprises and governments are constantly looking to deploy new innovative solutions and services in a complex ecosystem without punishingly high costs or glacially slow deployment times.

As all industries are converging to mobile, they need unparalleled expertise in how to integrate, validate, customize and test new devices with the latest cutting-edge technologies. They also want to knowhow to produce reliable, secure, scalable and future-proof solutions with fast time to market.

At Gemalto, we have more digital security expertise than anyone else in the market, with 20 years of experience in project consultation and innovative solution deployment. We have a worldwide footprint of 450 mobile operators, over 3,000 financial institutions and 80 eGovernment programs. We also have a pool of more than 200 highly professional experts ready to provide the required knowledge, experience and skills. In 2013, we delivered over 70 projects.

Based on our own expertise or supported by systems integrators, Gemalto can support more robust solutions, tailor delivery and ensure higher confidence and better outcomes for any player in the industry.

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Our consulting services and solutions

Gemalto offers a wide range of proven high-quality engineering consultancy services to help any players in the industry to make the best choices to be successful in his the market and to fit with their own unique business strategy. Gemalto works closely with each client to deliver end-to-end service expertise covering feasibility studies, design, assessment and project management for mobile multi-party ecosystems.

Gemalto know-how encompasses security analysis, solution implementation and validation through standards and local regulations and right up to third-party system integration. Gemalto offers proven expertise across the gamut of M2M, NFC, LTE solutions and services. Our consulting portfolio offers solution design support, help with boosting existing services and assistance. It covers:

  •  Strategic analysis to establish potential mobile solutions, business models and deployments
  •  Technical expertise regarding the deployment of highly sensitive elements and new standards, including device testing and validation
  • Global system security audits to ensure the level of security consistency and required anticipation plan for the chosen solution 

Customer Benefits

Gemalto consulting services give you peace of mind – with Gemalto, you can be confident you are using best practices for a secure project, with optimized costs and a reduced lead-time for solution implementation.
You can rest assured you are receiving expert advice with the best methodology available.